Hi, I'm Kevin Jacoby

I'm a lover of breakfast tacos

I'm a Software Engineer from Texas. I'm currently living in Houston, working at IBM on the cloud. Before moving to Houston, I was working on a home improvement site with some awesome people at Modernize in Austin. Prior to that I graduated from the University of Texas with a B.S. in Computer Science.

What I know
  • PHP
  • 90%
  • Python
  • 65%
  • SQL (MySQL, Oracle)
  • 80%
  • HTML & CSS
  • 90%
  • JS & jQuery
  • 75%
  • Git
  • 80%
  • Fantasy Football
  • 100%
Where I'm from
What I love

Wedding Site

Jill and I are getting married! Here's our wedding website.

Fox Poster

We needed some art around the house, so I made this little fox poster.

De La Casa Design

My friend Emily needed a site to showcase here work as an interior designer. The goal was to bring an simple aesthetic, while focusing on photos and growing content.

Personal Branding

After years of deferring to work and other projects, I finally this site, the first portfolio design I've ever completed for myself - long overdue.

Convert Anything

Convert Anything is an iPhone app that does numerous unit and currency conversions.

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